International Club of Skåne

Helped the kids pack up for their camping trip on Friday morning, then headed for Malmö with Carole, a friend from the Stadsparken walking group. She invited me to join her for the first post-covid meeting of ICS, which was formed about 20 years by a group of women from the Malmo area. They arrange all sorts of activities for members: family hikes, picnics, book club, cooking, knitting group, museum visits etc. Lots of things I’m looking forward to doing!

It’s been two years since their last in-person meet-up so it was a joyful reunion for them. We ate a delicious lunch together at Smak (Taste) the restaurant at Malmo Konsthall, got to know each other a bit, planned the next meet-up at a garden center/ cafe near Lund, and then Carole and I visited the art gallery, featuring an exhibit of Brazilian artist José Leonilson. Finally, a quick stroll through Kungsparken where the kale yard was at its best, on our way to the station. Carole and I also had a chance to get to know each other better. She’s French & Spanish, lived in Mexico for many years and has 3 kids. Her youngest is 16 but does his diploma program in Malmö rather than Lund. Her grown-up daughters are in Poland and London. We try to alternate English and Spanish so that we both get some practice.

Turns out Carole’s husband is traveling this weekend, too. So she showed me her favorite hiking trail along the beach at Bjärred. Usually she bikes out to the coast, but it has been really windy lately so we’ll try that another time.

salt bathing, with restaurant and sauna
former Bjärred train station, no train service these days
Bath house, with turning torso and øresund bridge in the background
Lots of trees down

Beautiful hiking area and beach. Can’t believe I hadn’t been there yet! Can’t wait to try brunch at the bath house sometime. I think it was good weather for the canoe camping crew. Luckily the big storm passed through on Thursday. I got soaked and had a rash from walking in wet clothes, though I had my extra-long rain coat and boots or it would’ve been much worse. The wind made it really tough to stay dry. Anyway it was probably not as windy inland, and I don’t think it rained on them.

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