DIY Ron Weasley

We were inspired by one of Ron’s biggest fans (our friend, Sophia) to transform a gently used 18 inch doll into a gift that any HP loving kid could appreciate! It was a really fun challenge- starting with a red-haired doll from eBay, we began by cutting her hair and eyelashes, removing her painted lips and adding freckles and eyebrows. With a knitted Weasley sweater and some wizarding accessories, the transformation was complete- almost magic!

Boulevard garden

Finally replaced the giant elm that the city removed last year. The ginkgo is looking good, and we’ve covered the huge dirt patch. Rabbits ate my dwarf dogwood so we had to add some fencing. I hope we’re done with it for a while!

Finch egg

One of our zebra finches (Indie and Aussie) laid an egg! Both are female, so no future chicks, and we removed the egg from the feeding box as instructed by the Finch Forum Folk. Isn’t that egg adorable!

Lily wants us to get some fakes for the ladies to care for, and we might give that a try. The forum says it might cause the birds to fight.

The Easter …turkey?

We haven’t seen the neighborhood turkey since last fall, but this morning there were tracks through our yard. A neighbor texted to say that the turkey was at our front door a few minutes ago, but by the time I checked it was across the street.

Earth Day

Here are the kids, doing their part for the planet, digging out  


 the loose batteries that had been spilled into the recycling bin. Thankfully, it wasn’t as big a job as it first seemed…As long as you have kids who think it’s cool to crawl into the giant recycling bin. You’re welcome, Earth.

First Educators 4 Excellence Summit

I’m enjoying some of the best professional development I can remember here in St Paul!

Lots of great discussion on Hot Button education topics that demand the attention of teachers, parents and all members of our learning communities. It’s really inspiring to be part of a group that is actively advocating for and making changes driven by teachers!