While Bryant and kids have been canoe camping, I explored a tourist town nearby. The season ends with the start of school so I mostly enjoyed the scenery. 30,000 steps worth!

Magpie Inkcap fungus, a few of the many kinds of mushrooms I saw in the beech forest.

The ruins of a 13th century castle made for an interesting morning.

And the new sheriff’s residence, built beside the one that was destroyed to prevent invaders from making use of it.

There’s even a moat, formal gardens and “modern” outbuildings from the early 1800’s. The king would have had a fantastic view of the bridge!

Only parts of the church remain from medieval times.

And I checked on the moon jellies before heading back to Hotell Edgar.

Quite a fancy train station, still very much in use. Trains are frequent and I found myself with groups of pedestrians waiting to cross the tracks several times.

This photo is from the stairs that cross above the tracks. We had lovely fall weather and the campers are star gazing tonight.

I’ve been trying to block out news but the hotel owner is from Canada, and he wanted to express his sympathy for America’s great loss. He is a big RBG fan so there was no avoiding the sad news.

This was one of my favorite photos from our visit to the National Portrait Gallery.

Fun places in Lund

It took a couple of weeks for us to find the Mouse Dormitory (some kids from ISLK said that the mice were evicted from their previous location)

Now JenJill and I will have to make the journey to Malmö in order to find more Anonymouse installations. The girls will see an orthodontist there at the end of September so that might be a good chance to go searching.

We haven’t visited any museums yet but Kungshuset looks very intriguing.

Built in 1578- Housing for the Danish king on his visits to the area, but mostly used by the sheriff

I love this new area near our house. It’s parkland managed by the city, with trails around and through a horse farm. Someday I’ll follow the trail all the way out to the coastal town of Lomma.

Bryant’s Birthday

The dark chocolate raspberry layer cake from Lily’s birthday was a favorite, and making Bryant’s was a bit easier since I’d already found all the ingredients. I’m getting used to the oven and other differences and that also helps. I think it was improved by cutting some sugar.

The cargo bike arrived just in time for Bryant’s birthday. He’s very happy with the color and its performance so far!

Hilary came down with cold symptoms on Friday night. Her gym partner had missed school earlier in the week because of a cold so it wasn’t a big surprise. The girl did not get tested for Covid- 19 though. I guess if you have sinus congestion and no fever, they don’t think the sore throat warrants testing. Anyway, she missed out on Bryant’s birthday dinner at Mat och Distillat just across from Lund Castle. She’s feeling much better today.


A murder of crows hangs out at the castle!


Summer is over

A cool, rainy day in the middle of August brought Swedish summer to a close. Bryant says his coworkers are adamant that the change of seasons has occurred (goodbye sun, summer is gone, it is over) and they’ve returned to the office in spite of WFH. When the building reaches covid-19 capacity, announcements are made to peer pressure folks into returning home.

Swedes still flock to the parks and outdoor spaces, though. The only time the park facilities are sparsely populated is early in the morning. Today we biked to the outdoor gym/ beach at City Park for a workout. Normally students dominate all the amenities. The beach is full of sunbathers and volley ball players, but this morning it was nearly empty.

No one at the skate park, climbing wall, beach or the gym, just some dog walkers, joggers and commuters passing by.

Opening Day

Classes resumed today at the International School Lund, Katedralskolan or ISLK

Kids were divided into small groups and spent the morning going over procedures and getting to know one another. The Noicelings both reported a positive vibe and are looking forward to new friendships! This week they have field trips and a picnic lunch, plus a sampler schedule and time with mentors before the full schedule begins next week.

Here is Lily telling me to leave, rude!

Getting settled

The last few times I attempted to update, the posts failed. My tech guy has been very busy with work (he didn’t get his full Swedish Summer but is meant to have some time off later) so I’m not sure what’s going wrong. IKEA is WFH until January and we’re off to a challenging start with internet failure and competition for space and quiet zones. But the kids start school in person next Tuesday! We had a wonderful road trip around the southern half of Sweden, including Stockholm, which I’ll try to include in later posts. For now, we’re getting to know Lund. The City Park is very impressive, with a lake, many little fountains and plazas, a cafe, skatepark, a bird exhibit with finches, parakeets and chickens. even a meditation labyrinth.


Since we now average more than 10,000 steps per day, we decided a foot spa would be a good investment. Here are Hillary and JenJill giving it a test run!

Bryant’s mail is still ends up going to the first hotel in Lund, so we need to go over there once in a while to pick it up. Today was the first time it’s been too warm for us since we arrived. We were stuck on a super hot train for about a half hour, but now we know to watch out for the regional trains, even if it means waiting a bit for the next local.



We’ve been invited to a party! It’s an outdoor event with an international group, most of whom have Swedish spouses so it should be a traditional experience but not too difficult for us to join the fun. The girls found new outfits for the occasion. We’ll post pictures tomorrow!

Also, don’t miss the first ever live streamed summer solstice from Stonehenge.

The view of Bunkeflo village from the Vintrie bike path was lovely today. I thought about having the girls gather the 7 kinds of flowers but I wasn’t sure it would be allowed. There are blooms everywhere so maybe we can get some fresh before the party tomorrow. Bryant says “gathering” is allowed with very few exceptions such as rare plants.

More Malmö

A few sights from a walk around Hyllie. There is a beautiful school and park nearby, with amazing landscaping – a local man told me it is part of a 10 year plan to create green space like Central Park in NY.