Bathroom Remodel

The remodel of our upstairs bathroom, which we intended to do when we first moved in 8 years ago, is finally done! Unfortunately, I didn’t take “before” photos until the project was underway and Matt, of Matt’s Tile Works, had already pulled out the old shower insert and taken down the short wall that came out from the edge of the window to form the third wall of the shower. It was very tiny and in terrible condition. The bathroom seems much lighter and spacious now, even though the new shower is larger.

IMG 1233

We replaced all of the fixtures and had Matt build us a new tiled shower. There were no major problems and we are very happy with the results! We managed to keep the costs at about 1/2 of what we were quoted by two other contractors. And those quotes included only an acrylic shower, not tile. So we did well!

I painted and Bryant did some small finishing himself. I’m really happy with the lights and paint color after trying several light styles and shades of paint. I think it was worth the time sampling and exchanging!


IMG 1235



IMG 1425

IMG 1429

IMG 1428

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