Dashing Away

My bit of AL plate arrived today (courtesy of Amazon Supply), so I started on the dash. I started with a scrap of AL to experiment on the mounting around the ignition and the top triple.

2013 04 03 16 07 59

Then it’s on to transferring to the main plate …

2013 04 03 17 48 08

In other news, the battery arrived too. You can see how much smaller the new one is (the red one). It’s about a quarter the weight as well. I’ll be building a custom electrics box around this.

2013 04 03 14 29 45

Session time: 3 hrs. Total time: 31 hrs.

2 thoughts on “Dashing Away

  1. It’s amazing how much smaller the new battery is. Does it have the same characteristics? Can you still charge your phone and plug in your hotplate for cooking breakfast on the go?

    1. It has the same amp-hrs and voltage. It’s also got MORE cranking amps. I don’t think that I’d run a hotplate. In fact I’m stripping back a few electrical extras to simplify the wiring. I’m hoping that it will work out. Can’t test it yet because the wiring is still all stripped off the frame …

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