A little more progress (and a bummer)

So the seat from Dime City arrived today. I was very stoked, until I set the seat pan on the bike and saw that the tail-light cut-out hits right on the cross-brace of the frame. No pics, but lots of whining. DCC will take the seat back, and now I’m thinking of just having someplace redo the old seat pan with a much slimmer profile.

I did get the exhaust on, the air box hooked up, the clutch and choke cables connected, and the coils/spark wires in. The cables (i.e. choke, clutch, and throttle) are way too long for the new front-end and they loop out ridiculously. Have to figure out a way to shorten them.

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 23 hrs.

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