Frame Is Back!

I picked the frame up from the powder coaters today. I’m super pleased! First, a little plug. This was a new gig for Anthony at AP Paints. He’d only coated bicycle frames before – which is how I found him (on MPLS Bike Love). He took this on as a “we’ll see how it goes” thing, and it went really well! The best part is that he’s incredibly reasonable on price. Sand blasting and powder coating the frame,swing arm, and a selection of small parts was significantly under what I’d budgeted. But don’t tell him that! ūüėČ

Now to the frame. Here’s a pic of the new color:
2013 03 23 17 47 48

Slick silvery goodness. It looks like the wing nut-washer-threaded rod covers over the various sensitive spots did their part, but they will be tricky to get off, since they are now powder coated welded in place. I got one cover off, and did notice that there was media from the sand blasting in there. I’m hoping to blow that out with some air and be done with it.

I also did a little more clean-up on the motor today. Ugh – that thing is filthy! And in other news, the triples are already on their way back to me. Woohoo! I-so-can’t-wait-to-put-this-thing-back-together!

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 14 hrs.

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