Dashboard Musings

I’ve been thinking about dashboards. The new front-end doesn’t have a normal mechanical speedo post. So, that left me with a few choices. I could use a Sigma cyclometer (they go to 199mph), but that would mean epoxy-ing the magnet onto the wheel and dealing with a pick-up. The other option that occurred to me was to use the old Tomtom GO630 I had lying around since I basically switched to using my iPhone as a GPS. It does speed, and would be easy to wire into the switched circuit. I also found out about Tripmaster – a plugin that gives you a large speedo read-out. Hehe. So, I started to mock-up a dashboard template that I’d use to cut out of AL sheet. Room for the little 2.5″ tach from DCC, and some little idiot lights, and the Tomtom. Thoughts?


Time at the computer wasn’t conspicuous. 😉

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