More Strippin’

Tonight I finished breaking down the front. Check out my totally ghetto front-end stand. Yes, I think I pulled a muscle dealing with this heavy-ass old bike like this!

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time 5 hrs.

Also, the new front-end arrived today! Woohoo! There’s a shocking difference in the size and scale of the fork legs on the two different front-ends. I’ve pulled the requisite triple trees and will be sending them to Classified shortly. Still have to get the rest of the loom and the mill out of the frame. I have a plan to use some all-thread and fender washers to seal off the various bearing locations (i.e. headset, swing arm pivots, etc.). We’ll see if that flies with the sand blasting and powder coating.

2013 03 08 20 10 46

2013 03 08 21 03 44

2013 03 08 21 03 53

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