Nordic-light Duo/ Elsa Beskow concert

This week marks the start of Jul market season, beginning with Bosjökloster (Cloister by the lake) in the town of Höör.

Carole, Beata and I arrived in time for the musical prelude and were surprised to find ourselves enjoying much more than just a few holiday songs. The concert was based on original (some never published) art work and books by Elsa Beskow, set to music by The Nordic-light Duo, Elsa’s great-grandson, Daniel Beskow, a concert pianist, with vocals by Josefine Andersson. The concert and storytelling alone would’ve made a fun day out but we were only just getting started!

It reminded me of reading Elsa Beskow books to my little girls!

Penitence chapel, where naughty nuns were sent.

One thousand year old oak tree on the Monastery grounds.

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