Greenhouse at City Park

International Citizen’s Hub (just a French lady named Carole) has been hosting a weekly walk around Stadsparken, a little over half a mile from our house. This is where I take most of my pond pictures. I like the view from the top of the rampart walking path.

We’ve had fairly low turn out for the Citizens Hub walks, maybe due to winter-like temps, at least from the point of view of many recent arrivals, who tend to come from warmer places! It’s probably better in small groups anyway, since we can get to know one another and talk more easily.

Our meeting point is the Greenhouse at city park. A couple of times only 2 or 3 people turned up. And it occurred to me that we may have been missing a few potential attendees due to a language issue, since the “greenhouse” is not green or a house. One day I told a friend from Cameroon that I would meet her at the greenhouse and she called me to say she was there, but she wasn’t. Turns out she was here…

Hard to see in the photo but the band shell is green ?

I wonder if we lost a few walkers for whom English is not a first language!? Or anyone who was looking for a green house, rather than a greenhouse.

Parks are amazing in Sweden. I read somewhere that it is considered a basic human right that everyone have green space and outdoor activities within easy access. Playgrounds are everywhere and most of them have at least one wooded area for nature play. We live within three blocks of several lovely parks. The newest is an “Out-gym” a quarter mile from us, behind the CherryBerry (körsbär) preschool. I try to stop by for a few exercises every day.The out-gym is on the back side of the trees. Preschoolers spend much of the day out here. They even have a vegetable garden that they “tend” They often call out and wave to me and other neighbors who pass by. The area is usually quite busy but these photos were taken early on a Sunday morning.

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