Using google translate, I put together a bit of history of the area around Hyllie, built around the train,  station with the Emporia mall, Malmö Arena, and lots of new construction housing, and commercial use high rises. It is close to a couple of coastal villages that we’ve not yet explored as they are only accessible by bus or car. Soon we’ll be able to get there by bike! 

Here’s what I found so far…

Knowledge of Vintrie (the village) during the Middle Ages that can be obtained from written source material is very fragmentary. Preserved archives where Vintrie is mentioned are mainly records of freight transactions. In some cases there are records of landlords selling, donating or replacing farmhouses located here. The Gagge family, Danish aristocrats, had a ship yard in the village during the 1400s and the squire (or gunman) Niels Gagge instituted an altar in Bunkeflo church. During the 1580s, 19 tax-paying peasants lived in Vintrie and during the 1650s, just before Skåne became Swedish, Vintrie consisted of 14 farms.

In Vintrie, houses were concentrated in two areas. One just south of Bunkeflo church that came to be called Lilla Vintrie, and the other an area about 1 km northwest of Katrinetorp that came to be called Svågertorp. A remarkably large part of the 17th century village boundaries around Vintrie are still visible in the landscape.

Until the closure of Falsterboban in 1971, there was a railway station in Vintrie. The station was built in 1885 just south of Lilla Vintrie when the Malmö-Trelleborg railway passed through the Bunkeflo parish. The line went from Malmö to Trelleborg.

In December 2010, when the City Tunnel was completed, there was again a railway station (Hyllie C) nearby, though now 1500 meters away in the neighboring new district of Hyllievång. The station is most easily reached via the old railway embankment to Falsterbobanan, which is now a biking trail, the Tygelsjöstigen.

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