Border Blues

Our luggage can’t get here until Wednesday- something to do with borders between Germany, Denmark and Sweden. So we bought a few more things at the Mall and washed more clothes. But I’m missing home.

Bryant’s “work-from-home” office was going to be the giant walk-in closet, and we didn’t realize until his first meeting that the light is tied into the door so when closed, the light is off and can only be turned on by opening the door, very clever, but not what we need at the moment! No windows, and no lamps that aren’t wired into the wall so the door has to stay open.

Lily made brunch of smoked salmon and eggs with dilled creme sauce and roe, thankfully, because there are no salt and pepper shakers in the apartment so the roe added some saltiness. The place is not really set up like an airbnb, just very basic furnishings. But so far so good!

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