Day 9

It’s Thursday. Not really much to say except that it was gloriously sunny and (relatively) warm. Work day. I will be basically thru all my critical “intros” by the end of next week. And in a week or so after that, the hammer will come down.

I missed my train for the commute home by a hair – it was pulling away as I ran up. I needed to wait a whole 8 minutes until the next one. Rough. (Kidding!)

I got one of those “we recognize COVID and are monitoring” emails from the relocation firm that is looking for a place for us in Sweden. I sent it to my coordinator person and asked “is this your way of telling me that you’re bailing on this?” Luckily, they confirmed that they were still hard at work, there just isn’t a lot of family-sized rental inventory in the area. :-/ I’ve only been here (looks at the top of the post) 9 days of the 90 days of temporary housing that I get, so I’m not panicking. Yet. 😮

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