Day 6 – First Day At Work!

So, I went into the office today, got my badge and orientation video, and then sat in a conference room on the phone with all my colleagues who were working remote. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Of course, all badge photos are bad …

I think fully 2/3 of my colleagues were either sick, or had sick kids. Not all COVID-19, but, Jeebus I’m glad they stayed home!

I did bike in, even though it was raining. It’s not a lot of biking, but I can tell that after 2.5 years of driving to work even a little biking is going to whoop me for a bit while I get my legs back. At least on the trip home it wasn’t raining! I got off the train around 6:30, so I didn’t cook, and just stopped for a quick bite.

When I got to the hotel, I found that my bank card had arrived from my new bank account! And the transfer that I’d done from the US should land tomorrow. That means I can spend SEK instead of spending on USD and having everything cost an extra 10% in fees! Woohoo!

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