Book Club

I’ve decided I should have a section for book club records on the site. My book club has been meeting for a few years now. Penny has been our record keeper. I’ll have to see if she knows what year we started. We’ve grown to 6 members. A nice number for a small living room 🙂

Some of Hillary’s friends decided to start a club for 4th grade girls. They meet in the public library, and their first book was Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I wish I’d had friends who enjoyed reading when I was young! The girls took it very seriously and had a great discussion on the book. It was fun to watch them. And nice that they still want their moms in the room with them. In fact, Hillary suggested we read the next book together and have our own “club”! Isn’t that sweet? I will remind her of that when she is 13!

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