New Angles Approaching

I’m going to try a new writing form on this site. I’m going to take a crack at essays, or other long-ish form scribbling. Maybe some fiction. I thought about trying to focus topics on things that I’ve already covered on this site – bikes (pedaled or motored), camping, tinkering with things – and I’m sure that the topics that are close to my mind will surface often, like ready friends. But I’ve got some other topics that I want to cover. Some things that bleed over from my professional life. So, I’ll probably start to write about things that you may or may not find interesting, if you came here for bikes (pedaled or motored) or tinkering. I’ll also probably change my writing tone a little for these to match more to the topic. You’ll see irritatingly stilted, gymnastic phraseology as I try to avoid naming my employer, or crossing some other line of propriety, which I wouldn’t care about at all in normal blagging. So, as always, I’m writing for myself. If you happen by and want to leave a comment, feel free. If you don’t like what you read, feel free to move along.

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