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The Minnesota Noices

  • Quick Visit: Wroclaw

    Quick Visit: Wroclaw

    I had to go to Wroclaw Poland for a work trip, and we had a nice evening strolling around the very picturesque city centre. Here are a few pictures from that stroll.

  • Troll Trees

    Troll Trees

    Jen covered some in her earlier post, but I wanted to highlight the Troll Trees (trollskogen) because I thought they were just so cool. Link to the website (in Swedish).

  • Late Summer Recap…Oslo trip

    Late Summer Recap…Oslo trip

    It’s been a whole month since my last post! We celebrated the youngest’s 15th birthday and start of MYP 5, which is like 10th grade in the US (though she would have been starting 9th grade had we stayed in MN) She was placed according to birth year here in Sweden so she is year…

  • Augeson-Andersons in Lund

    Augeson-Andersons in Lund

    More on the Great Adventure where some Augesons (Åkessons) and Andersons (Anderssons) explored their Nordic roots, ate good food, strolled, hiked, toured, and caught up with one another… My parents’ visit flew by. Suddenly it’s August, Bry is back at work and Lily returns to school next week! Grandpa toured the schools and most major…

  • The Great Swedish Adventure

    The Great Swedish Adventure

    It took a lot of time and a few reminders from Anne of Green Gables (“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will,”) but we finally convinced my folks to make the trek to visit us in Sweden! They still think Lund…

  • Summer Travels

    Summer Travels

    Bryant and the younger one did the big travels this summer. They went to Iceland, Colorado, and Minnesota. Iceland We took advantage of the IcelandAir “layover” program on our way from Sweden to the US. We stayed 2 nights and had 2 nice experiences, along with some decent food. In Reykjavik, we saw a famous…

  • Karlskrona, Port City

    Karlskrona, Port City

    We opted to include the neighboring county (region) of Blekinge in our summer ticket. It’s very accessible by public transportation, though it’s a bit far for a day trip, so we haven’t seen much of the area except for Sölvesborg. That charming town in Blekinge was described in this earlier post. With Bryant and the…

  • 21st Anniversary!

    21st Anniversary!

    Using our summer ticket, we took advantage of a last minute overnight package deal to a spa hotel in Båstad. Skansen has all the traditional elements for a very Swedish holiday. We arrived in time to explore the town and enjoy a beach stroll before dinner. I felt that room 713 was a good omen…

  • Midsummer Mania

    Midsummer Mania

    Summer is flying by and it’s hard to believe we’re now past the solstice! And though it is too dry, with some burn bans and water restrictions, the weather has been very nice for being outside. Stephanie and I gathered elderflowers together and each made a batch of fläder syrup. It was easy but took…

  • A Royal Visit

    A Royal Visit

    King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia have been touring Sweden to mark the Golden Jubilee, 50th anniversary, of the ascension of Carl XVI. Yesterday they arrived by train to Malmö Central Station and paraded along the canal to the royal residence at Stortorget for a reception and ceremony with music and speeches. I arrived in…