Lily, Bry, and I rode to a nearby community on the coast. It was paved trail all the way so pretty easy. Next time we’ll bring swim gear and enjoy the water.

And here is the Øresund Bridge in the background. Denmark will open to our state (Skåne) on June 30, so maybe we’ll be able to see Copenhagen this summer.

Jen-Jill, gazing longingly toward Norway. I guess we’ll have to be content seeing Sweden and a bit of Denmark for this year.

Father’s Day

Bryant chose a hike at Skrylle and brunch at his favorite cafe in Lund – Broder Jakobs. The day was cool and cloudy but we managed to dodge the rain.

The park had some really fun features including a zip line and obstacle course, but Hillary said she was too old for it, and Lily didn’t want to wait in line, so we stuck to the trail.

This is the house (w Lily in front) Bryant considered buying, but it was over budget. Lots of charm, though! Built in 1848 with modern updates.

And the feminist bookstore and coffee shop, volunteer run, but it was closed today.

Midsommar Celebration

We were lucky enough to be invited to a Midsommar party at a lovely private home in Södra Sandby, just outside Lund. The hosts live in a beautiful restored 1914 house with a large yard. And the weather was perfect, which we are told is not the norm. Someone mentioned that 2 of the last 6 years had good weather. That is usually part of the conversation, along with how the strawberry harvest is doing (not at its peak this year, but it will be a good one!)

The group was very inclusive, with people of different backgrounds and ages, with English as a common language, which made it easy for us to join in the fun. The kids met some peers who will most likely run in the same circles around Lund! They had a good time playing games, and chatting. And Lily loved their bunny, Jupiter, a cuddly little guy! There were enough kids to keep the party lively.

Jen-Jill got her own blommakronor so she could properly introduce the feast.

Many traditional foods were served, including a cheese pie, beet salad, and 5 kinds of herring, my favorite was in a creamy mustard sauce. It is the “baby” herring, suitable for the timid palate. The day-long feast was enjoyed by all and we are really grateful to Philipp and Anna for including us in their celebration!


We’ve been invited to a party! It’s an outdoor event with an international group, most of whom have Swedish spouses so it should be a traditional experience but not too difficult for us to join the fun. The girls found new outfits for the occasion. We’ll post pictures tomorrow!

Also, don’t miss the first ever live streamed summer solstice from Stonehenge.

The view of Bunkeflo village from the Vintrie bike path was lovely today. I thought about having the girls gather the 7 kinds of flowers but I wasn’t sure it would be allowed. There are blooms everywhere so maybe we can get some fresh before the party tomorrow. Bryant says “gathering” is allowed with very few exceptions such as rare plants.

Exploring Malmö

Here’s a recording made at Vintrie- Bunkeflo cemetery. The birds were very vocal this morning!

The following are from Malmö central where Bryant and I had dinner while Lily had TCTC classes and Hillary stayed home with her.

And a few pictures from another walk near the castle, this time more in the kitchen/ perennial gardens. I can hear the pheasants in the fields near Hyllie but it was fun to finally see some!

Red arrow is our apartment complex. We saw 4 of the baby birds marching around the cobbled streets near the castle moat/ canals. They look like the cygnets we saw the other day, but we’re not sure. I wanted to rescue them but a local man said not to worry, they manage. I think he meant “circle of life”, because the one in the photo was several blocks away, all on his own 😢 peeping pitifully.


This means “Saturday Goodies” – when families load up on sugary treats and stay home to watch a movie. They have entire stores full of candy bins to purchase by the scoop. So far we haven’t liked most of the candy we tried. The chocolate is ok but most stuff is too sweet. Even the familiar brands aren’t the same. The chocolate covered salted licorice recommended by the clerk was horrible! They seem to like salted caramel, which is better than licorice but still not so good. Today I found a store with British sweets and so far these are more appealing to my palate.


Using google translate, I put together a bit of history of the area around Hyllie, built around the train,  station with the Emporia mall, Malmö Arena, and lots of new construction housing, and commercial use high rises. It is close to a couple of coastal villages that we’ve not yet explored as they are only accessible by bus or car. Soon we’ll be able to get there by bike! 

Here’s what I found so far…

Knowledge of Vintrie (the village) during the Middle Ages that can be obtained from written source material is very fragmentary. Preserved archives where Vintrie is mentioned are mainly records of freight transactions. In some cases there are records of landlords selling, donating or replacing farmhouses located here. The Gagge family, Danish aristocrats, had a ship yard in the village during the 1400s and the squire (or gunman) Niels Gagge instituted an altar in Bunkeflo church. During the 1580s, 19 tax-paying peasants lived in Vintrie and during the 1650s, just before Skåne became Swedish, Vintrie consisted of 14 farms.

In Vintrie, houses were concentrated in two areas. One just south of Bunkeflo church that came to be called Lilla Vintrie, and the other an area about 1 km northwest of Katrinetorp that came to be called Svågertorp. A remarkably large part of the 17th century village boundaries around Vintrie are still visible in the landscape.

Until the closure of Falsterboban in 1971, there was a railway station in Vintrie. The station was built in 1885 just south of Lilla Vintrie when the Malmö-Trelleborg railway passed through the Bunkeflo parish. The line went from Malmö to Trelleborg.

In December 2010, when the City Tunnel was completed, there was again a railway station (Hyllie C) nearby, though now 1500 meters away in the neighboring new district of Hyllievång. The station is most easily reached via the old railway embankment to Falsterbobanan, which is now a biking trail, the Tygelsjöstigen.


Living in the middle of active construction has its cons, but it’s temporary and we’re trying to make the best of it. Today is really windy so blowing dirt and sand make the outdoors very unpleasant. Lily and I were sand- blasted while going out for groceries! I put together some nice moments from yesterday’s excursions instead.

This path outside IKEA is lined with rose bushes and other scented shrubs. You’d never know it’s in the middle of a city!

Lots of bird song and wild flowers! I normally can’t spot the birds, let alone get a photo, but this one in the parking lot was easy to see and my bird ID app says it’s a white wagtail.


Lily and I had lunch with Bryant at his office today. It’s a very cool workplace!

With lots of fun common spaces!

Through the window you can see their outdoor meeting rooms. The campus has lovely paths with naturalized prairie and wildflowers all around it, including a picnic area (which was full of people today because it was so nice outside.)