More Updates

The seat pan went to the upholsterer and the tank went to the painter today. Both are thinking around 3 weeks. The triples and the frame were faster than estimated, so maybe these will miraculously happen sooner. Not betting on it. I’m trying hard to use local, independent vendors for this work, and have been pretty happy so far. Only the triples got sent off (and that too was a small independent).

I spent time tonight monkey-ing around with the electrics. I know that I want a sleeker, sucked-up battery and electrics box. Noodling about options. I have the control pods on the bike, throttle hooked up, and a few other little things (like a fully functional rear brake). I’m staring at the mass of wires at the front-end and am despairing about how ugly it is. I’m starting to get to know this picture all too well:

Honda CB750C Dual Cam Wiring Diagram

Here are some more pics of the bike in its current state:

2013 03 29 19 10 01

Fun fact, with just a little drilling, I got the old ignition switch to fit right in the hole on the new triples:

2013 03 29 19 10 30

I also am thinking about the rear fender. I haven’t even started thinking about a front. I’m thinking that I’m just going to hack-off the original fender to make it snug-up to the frame. See the red line here:

2013 03 29 19 40 36

Reference bikes here and here.

Lots still to do …

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 25 hrs.

A little more progress (and a bummer)

So the seat from Dime City arrived today. I was very stoked, until I set the seat pan on the bike and saw that the tail-light cut-out hits right on the cross-brace of the frame. No pics, but lots of whining. DCC will take the seat back, and now I’m thinking of just having someplace redo the old seat pan with a much slimmer profile.

I did get the exhaust on, the air box hooked up, the clutch and choke cables connected, and the coils/spark wires in. The cables (i.e. choke, clutch, and throttle) are way too long for the new front-end and they loop out ridiculously. Have to figure out a way to shorten them.

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 23 hrs.

Bonanza Day!

Between grandparents here and other things, I managed to sneak in a solid 7 hrs of work on the bike (thanks Jen!).

I did a bunch of cleaning-up of the motor on the floor. Not jewel-like, but good enough.

I got the motor back in with the same lay-it-on-the-right-side trick.

2013 03 24 13 18 28

Then my neighbor came over and I used him to help me get the front and rear-ends put back together. Just for fun, I put the tank on. OMFG. That is a sweet looking machine. The front-end is a LOT lower than I was expecting, but it’s a lot closer to the stance I wanted out of it. It’s starting to look like a real bike. Of course, I had to take the tank off, because I have to sort through all the electrics, etc. Still lots to do, but looking pretty nice.

2013 03 24 15 14 44

2013 03 24 15 22 52

SEssion time: 7 hrs. Total time: 21 hrs.


The triples arrived yesterday! I couldn’t help but pop them on the frame for a look-see. OMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD! So HAWT! I had to take them off to get the motor in, etc. but you can see some pics about how will shape up.

2013 03 24 10 29 05

2013 03 24 10 29 16

I did have to cut off the old top fork stop – they were blocking the top triple from sitting right.

Dashboard Musings

I’ve been thinking about dashboards. The new front-end doesn’t have a normal mechanical speedo post. So, that left me with a few choices. I could use a Sigma cyclometer (they go to 199mph), but that would mean epoxy-ing the magnet onto the wheel and dealing with a pick-up. The other option that occurred to me was to use the old Tomtom GO630 I had lying around since I basically switched to using my iPhone as a GPS. It does speed, and would be easy to wire into the switched circuit. I also found out about Tripmaster – a plugin that gives you a large speedo read-out. Hehe. So, I started to mock-up a dashboard template that I’d use to cut out of AL sheet. Room for the little 2.5″ tach from DCC, and some little idiot lights, and the Tomtom. Thoughts?


Time at the computer wasn’t conspicuous. 😉

Frame Is Back!

I picked the frame up from the powder coaters today. I’m super pleased! First, a little plug. This was a new gig for Anthony at AP Paints. He’d only coated bicycle frames before – which is how I found him (on MPLS Bike Love). He took this on as a “we’ll see how it goes” thing, and it went really well! The best part is that he’s incredibly reasonable on price. Sand blasting and powder coating the frame,swing arm, and a selection of small parts was significantly under what I’d budgeted. But don’t tell him that! 😉

Now to the frame. Here’s a pic of the new color:
2013 03 23 17 47 48

Slick silvery goodness. It looks like the wing nut-washer-threaded rod covers over the various sensitive spots did their part, but they will be tricky to get off, since they are now powder coated welded in place. I got one cover off, and did notice that there was media from the sand blasting in there. I’m hoping to blow that out with some air and be done with it.

I also did a little more clean-up on the motor today. Ugh – that thing is filthy! And in other news, the triples are already on their way back to me. Woohoo! I-so-can’t-wait-to-put-this-thing-back-together!

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 14 hrs.

Research …

I’ve now looked at every bike in the BikeEXIF archives. It was in the pursuit of a color scheme for the bike. But really, it’s just colossally absorbing bike porn. I also scoured Pipeburn and countless other sites in the name of “research”. That doesn’t include the eBay work to find some parts (which aren’t complete yet). I’m not counting these hours in the project because they aren’t conspicuously in the garage.

Speaking of being in the garage, it’s mid-March and won’t see the top side of 30F all this coming week. WTH! Why do I live here?

I did a little puttering over the last few days that I haven’t accounted for. Cleaned-up the air box and put new boots on it. Tidied up the shop area. Swapped the old controls on to the new clip-ons (since they will plug right in to the old wiring harness). I got some parts cleaner and have been soaking all the small parts. Also, had to take the frame to the powered coaters (which was conspicuous time spent on the CB). Oh, and I drained the tank, getting ready to take it to the body shop.

Session time: 3 hrs Total Time: 12 hrs

Gone, Baby, Gone

There’s no pictures for this post. Just an update that I dropped the frame, swing arm, and some other bits off at the powder-coater. Should be next weekend.

The triples are getting worked. The frame is at the powder-coaters. And I’m waiting. Waiting is hard. In the meantime, I’ll do some tweaks on the motor, clean-up the parts I still have, and start prepping the tank. It needs a little dent-popping love and some sanding. Trying to decide if I’ll have somebody else paint it, or if I’ll try to wreck it myself. 😮

Ready to Strip!

I was trying to figure out how I can deal with the various bearing races and bushing surfaces that I didn’t want sand-blasted or powder coated on the frame. I settled on a setup using some threaded rod, wing nuts, and fender washers. I basically used these parts to create caps on the sensitive areas of the frame to protect them from the processes. You can see here how I’ve got it for the headset, the swing-arm, and the swing-arm bushings in the frame. I hope it works!

2013 03 12 21 40 48

2013 03 12 21 40 34

2013 03 12 21 40 56

And yes, there’s some gnarly surface rust on that frame and swing-arm. It really does need the full strip job. I couldn’t in good conscience just wipe it down and build back on that much gunk!

Session time: 2 hrs Total Time: 9 hrs