Minor Tweaks

I put the old (longer) shocks on and fabbed another headlight bracket. This one is a lot lower. I still have to get the wiring guts in it, but I think it’s got the right stance now.

2013 05 18 18 47 25

Session time: 4 hrs. Total time: 49 hrs.

First Look

I picked up the tank and plopped it on the bike. Along with the seat, it looks pretty awesome! I definitely think that the long shocks will need to go back on – it’s just too low. Also, the headlight bracket will get re-done. Really don’t like it. But the tank and the overall stance is killer.

2013 05 17 19 35 56

Tank Dreams

So, the paint is basically done on the tank. The shop sent me some pics. It’ll get the final buff tomorrow, but it’s a pretty damn nice sight.

Here’s some before pics:


And here’s some just painted pics. I squealed like a girl when I saw this:



I also put some shorty shocks on the bike. I can’t wait to pick up the tank and get it on the bike!

Some More Progress

I fabbed a different kind of headlight/tach mount. It was fairly complicated and consisted of needing multiple, symmetric bends in 1/8″ AL plate to make. Suffice to say, my vision exceeded my abilities. It doesn’t look too bad, but it’s not right, and it’s a little wonky. I don’t see this solution lasting too long. For one thing, it puts the headlight higher than I want. I also trimmed up the rear fender plastic part. Really just need a tank, some tires, and new brake lines. Oh, and it will need to hold a charge … Getting there.

2013 05 12 15 57 00

2013 05 12 15 57 14

2013 05 12 15 57 31

And Classified Moto just dropped a bike that made my shorts tight. Sets a pretty high bar.

Session time: 4 hrs. Total time: 45 hrs.

Back in the saddle!

So, between being deathly ill with what resembled TB and having my parents visit for a weekend, there hasn’t been a lot of progress. I got a little more done last night and tonight. Mostly, I got the new battery installed in the custom electrics box with some “custom” wiring. With a good ground, it cranks! Of course, no gas yet … The tail light and headlight both work well (that is, the brake light comes on when either brake is applied …). The turn signals don’t work right. Still chasing that little electrical gremlin down.

I heard that the tank is close to done, so I need to get my butt in gear and finish the dashboard and headlight assembly!!

When I get it all back together, I’ll take it over to Bluecat and have them go over it all, mount some new tires, and re-do the front brake lines with braided jobbies. I’ll keep the airbox for now – too expensive at the moment to do a bunch of jetting too!

Session time: 4 hrs. Total time: 41 hrs.

Seat’s Done!

The seat is done by Nate. The stock Honda seat pan never looked so good. I’ll probably pick it up this Friday. Not too many other updates. Been sick with concrete lungs …


Here are some pics of it on the bike. Still waiting on the tank, but it’s starting to look pretty good.

2013 05 01 17 13 28

2013 05 01 17 13 39

More CAD

Here’s a little more cardboard aided design. The model and the flat sheet for the electrics box.


And here’s the box in the frame. Still a lot of tweaks and connections to make, but it’s in there nonetheless.

2013 04 07 14 42 05

Session time: 4 hrs. Total time: 37 hrs.

Some electrical progress

I got the turn signals, tail light, and headlight bolted up. Here’s the back:

2013 04 06 12 55 31

Here’s the front. You can kind of see the AL brackets that I fabbed up to mount the headlight.

2013 04 06 12 55 41

I’ve also starting to think more about the battery box and such. Thinking that it will be about the profile of the red box on this picture:

2013 04 06 13 49 50

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 33 hrs.

Dashing Away

My bit of AL plate arrived today (courtesy of Amazon Supply), so I started on the dash. I started with a scrap of AL to experiment on the mounting around the ignition and the top triple.

2013 04 03 16 07 59

Then it’s on to transferring to the main plate …

2013 04 03 17 48 08

In other news, the battery arrived too. You can see how much smaller the new one is (the red one). It’s about a quarter the weight as well. I’ll be building a custom electrics box around this.

2013 04 03 14 29 45

Session time: 3 hrs. Total time: 31 hrs.

Chopped Fender

Here’s the rear fender chopped and shaped. Will look a lot better with the seat on it.


Got a lot of time in, with little visible progress.

Session time: 3 hrs. Total time: 28 hrs.