After 2 seasons of no scores, the Sharks (Lily’s soccer team) finally scored a goal, in the last game of the second season.  And it was Lily that scored it!  “Elation” falls short of the screaming!


If there are any Sharks that see this, Thea’s name is Lily, but we called her Thea (short for Dorothea which is her middle name) because there was already a Lily on the team!


Aqua Girl

Lily put together her own costume for CVA spirit week Super Hero Day, including a pair of my old boots, which she wore all day. Impressive! I guess warm blood is her other super power. She’s like Elsa… “the cold never bothered her anyway”

Mental Health Day

The whole family is suffering from allergies or spring colds, so I let the kids stay home today. No screen time. We baked muffins and played games and now they’ve made a play dough sushi and pasta restaurant. I think it’s good for them. Schools gets more than a little crazy this time of year! 


Winter play

MN landscape arboretum has free admission in January. Spent the whole day hiking and exploring the ‘wilderness’. We stopped for breaks at the cafeteria (free hot chocolate!) and did some indoor projects at the family center. The favorite spot was the natural play ground, and it was even warm enough to play!