After a summer of R and R plus a confidence boost from her latest theatrical success, Lil returns to ISLK tomorrow, eager for independence and feeling ready to go back to a familiar space with familiar faces.

She says it’s fine with her that Hil graduated from ISLK and will be going to Secondary School (like high school or university prep) at Katedralskolan. This school is also in Lund, a bit closer to our house but in the opposite direction of ISLK.

Though it was founded as the Cathedral school in 1085 by the Danish King Canute the Saint, it is a public school and no longer affiliated with the church. Read more about Katedralskolan here.

There are fewer nerves this year, even for H, because she has several friends who are in the same diploma program.

There are six “schools” housed at Katedralskolan, so even though there are 1500 students, it probably won’t feel too big, especially compared to Central High in Saint Paul which had 3,000 kids.

We are all looking forward to seeing inside these historic buildings, alas, coronavirus restrictions are limiting any unnecessary visits. But I might find a good reason to go over there soon!

Sommar Summary

Trying to get back into the blog again after our trip to MN. Kids start school on Monday so I guess it’s time! Here are some pics of Twin Cities Theater Camp’s outdoor production of The Wizard of Oz. Lil played two roles this year, Nikko, sinister leader of the Flying Monkeys, and Munchkin #1. She was downright scary as Nikko and did a fabulous job staying in character, especially considering that the entire stage was visible to the audience so the performers were always on stage. We are all very proud of her and the TCTCers for their hard work and dedication to the performing arts. It was a challenging season for theater camp!

We were able to visit with lots of family, friends and neighbors during the 6 weeks (2 for Bryant) though it flew by so fast that we didn’t manage all of the socializing we had hoped to include. Bryant’s parents spent a week with us and Uncles CJ and David also came to MN to attend Lily’s play and my nephew’s graduation party. Good times!

Lil also got to celebrate her 13th birthday a few times, lucky kid!

I’d best wrap it up before I lose this part that I completed! There’s a lot more summer fun I haven’t included, but it will have to wait.

Lily’s Birthday

Good food and all the gifts from her wish list. She’s a lucky 12 year old!

I made raspberry dark chocolate ganache layer cake. Bryant made his macaroni and cheese speciality, with crayfish this year, the Swedish lobster, because they’re in season.

With her new Switch gaming system, we decided everyone would be happier with some bean bag chairs.Lots of extras made it into the cart, and we nearly couldn’t fit in the car for the return trip.

And then came Lily’s extended celebration when a package arrived from her friend, Zoe!

Zoe, Sophia, Deb and John included lots of fun gifts for the whole family. We miss our friends! It was fantastic to have a taste of home.

A bit of birthday badminton. And her special song from Nana and Gramps so she can listen to Darling Lily whenever she wants!