Did another little S24O this weekend. Left from work, and rode with Tad to Tin Fish at Lake Calhoun, where we met up with Marcus. We ate a pile of fried food, and then pedaled off to Carver Park Reserve. The sky was clear and perfect the whole ride. We made crazy good time – Calhoun to Carver in just over 2 hrs. Tad’s single speed forced him to maintain a higher speed for cadence … We got to camp, and got the fire going, and then the rain hit and we huddled under Marcus’ tarp and drank. We ran out of scotch in a shocking hurry, so Tad and Marcus rode out to a liquor store and got a 12 of Heineken. We sat under the tarp and killed it. Loads of fun. The fire survived the rain, and we were able to cook our food after the rain passed. I basically made a giant hot dog out of a Kielbasa and a demi-baguette. Rocked. The rain had turned the campsite into a muddy bog, which made things very slippery, but surprisingly no tipsy campers took a fall. Hit the hay in a dry tent, and had a decent night. Rode out in the morning, coffee in Excelsior, and home by 10:30am.
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Kick-ass Pie Crust

I made an apple pie. I peeled apples, sugared them, and made a rustic crust. I used Alice Waters’ recipe, which is brilliantly simple – flour, butter, water. But here’s the key – it has to be cold butter, cut up and cut into the flour. Cold butter yields a supa-dope flaky crust that you can’t buy in a store. Anyway, here’s my crust, of which I was legitimately proud.


Take THAT Marie Calendar!

Second Only To Sex

There are many things I love about my wife. But, up there on the list is the fact that my two favorite cookies are the ones she makes. A plate of cookies like this is awfully hard to beat.