Day 8

Whew – I’m caught up! These will probably drop off from daily after the first week of work is done … We’ll see.

Today was pretty basic work. I went into the office again. It’s dead there, so it’s easy to get and camp out in a conference room. IKEA calls all office buildings “meeting places”, and so I work in the Hubhult meeting place. People don’t have offices – even serious senior execs. They either camp out in a conference room, or float in the workspaces like everybody else. Hubhult is here:

I am in Lund (where we will live, blue dot) and Hubhult is on the south side of Malmö. It may seem like it’s a long ways from Lund (it’s about 20 miles) but the train that goes from Lund station to Hyllie station (which is only a mile from the office) often hits 90+mph. It really takes only a few minutes. There’s also an office meeting place in Helsingborg about 25 miles north of Lund that I’ll probably use as well. The train goes there as well.

Also, I’ve been buying groceries and “cooking” (making sandwiches or mackor) in my hotel room. I was sick of that, and decided to go out. I went to Spisen for a pretty nice dinner. It’s a nice place, and I had it to myself (except for one other group).

Even if it looks similar …

So, this box of cereal looks like ”Honey Nut Cheerios”. But, looking carefully (after having put the first spoonful in my mouth) reveals that it’s “Honey Cheerios”, which do NOT taste like “Honey Nut Cheerios”, and have a much stronger honey flavor than the HNC that I’m used to. Not bad, but def made for a double-take on the box. Also, I love how they felt the need to put the grains in the cereal (across the bowl in the picture) in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. Because, really, they are all so different. 🙂

Day 3

Actually opened a Swedish bank account today! And put some money in it! Woohoo! Now I have someplace to deposit my paycheck in Kronor!

So, about this COVID-19 thing. I came a long ways to start a job, only to have the world shut down on what was supposed to be my first week in the office. As it is, a person came by the hotel yesterday to drop off my computer and VPN info. In case everyone is asked to work from home. Or, in my case, work from hotel. I will go into the office for a bit on Monday to get badged and HR onboarded, and then who knows? Probably hang out for the fast office wifi in the empty office … I know this sounds like whining (because it is), and I’m not put out by having a little inconvenience during a global pandemic. My issue is a lot more pedestrian – I miss having people to talk to! I’m used to a day basically full of talking to people. And now I’ve gone most of a week with basically no social conversation outside the daily FaceTimes with my family (which are life-savers!).

Kind of related to the previous topic, the front-desk staff came by and dropped off a little welcome gift of pasta, basil, and pasta sauce. Something they do for all the long-stay guests, I gather. It’s very nice and I really appreciated it. But it was a 15 second conversation. So, it doesn’t really count as socializing.

On to something more fun! Today, I had lunch at a place called Korvhuset (which means The Sausage House) and they have an all-you-can-eat sausage buffet. I’ll repeat that so it’s clear – ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT SAUSAGE BUFFET. I did not try all the advertised “101 types of sausages”, but I had a few. Even comes with vegetables – mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Needless to say, I think this is very Swedish – the world may be melting down, but there will always be an all-you-can-eat sausage buffet! The icing on the cake was the staff-person – a heavily tattooed muscle-y guy with Swedish death metal playing (at respectfully low volume) on a tinny little boombox behind the counter. And spoke flawless English.

Trailer Camping Kitchen

I’ve had an itch in my brain for a long time. I’ve done a ridiculous amount of surfing on camping trailers, chuck boxes, overlanding, etc. So I decided to do something.

First thing I did was pick up a Space Trailer (shout-out Todd!). In case you don’t know, Space trailers are very nice, made in the US, and are all the things you’re thinking about when you buy a cheap Harbor Freight trailer, but don’t get.

Second thing I did was to build a camp kitchen to put in it. Here’s some snaps of the process. It was built entirely of scrap and re-purposed materials that I had lying around. Maybe I have too much (s)crap lying around … ? The design objectives were to be able to run a 2-burner camp stove and a propane grill off of a 20lb propane canister with some extra storage for camp gear. I did little drawing, but mostly designed as I went, with the inevitable re-work on some technical debt taken along the way.

Basic layout
I built a swing-out counter that covers the stoves when packed up.
Here’s a close-up of the hose routing and the threaded rod that I used as a pivot for the countertop.
This is the fully deployed config. There’s a strut on the left, and the counter swings out to make a 90* counter with the stove/grill open. I have lit it up and it works great!

Now I just have to take it camping!

Civilized commuting again?

Ever since I moved to St Paul, I’ve missed a key part of my routine – stopping at Canteen coffee on the way in to work on the bike. The new route is almost all trail, which is nice for the ride, but there’s basically no coffee along the way. So after a lot of google map searching, I decided to change the route to try Precision Grind Coffee

I’m sitting there now. And it’s not as good as CG. :-(. The latte is just frothed and dumped in a paper cup. No feather. The coffee is scalding hot, and oddly flavorless.  The scone was moist and doughy. Not what a scone should be. 

So, no, not civilized. Simply barbaric. 

And, yes, I know I’m being a HUGE snob. Canteen was just that good. 

Breakfast of Champions

This here is a couple of fried eggs on top of a slice of meaty leftover pizza. And a little hot sauce. Restaurants should serve this for Sunday brunch.  Perfect after a hard night of partying. 😉