Temporary housing

Bryant’s move-in date is set for March 10. We have a great location not far from the train station, with lots of essentials and interesting places near by. It should be a very easy commute to IKEA in Malmö. Plus we have an address in Lund to satisfy school requirements!

International School of Lund

After our visit in November, the girls agreed that ISLK was the best choice for them. Today we submitted applications to this public school in Lund, Sweden that offers instruction in English, using the International Baccalaureate curriculum. They will also take Swedish classes. It seems like a great fit. Lily is looking forward to the Common Room and other Hogwartian aspects of the 1871 building, while Hilary anticipates enjoying the modern updates and nearby botanic gardens!

Hogwarts Trunk

And here is the project I’ve been working on- Lupin’s trunk. It had an old sticker on it with 1899 in the corner, maybe a travel date. Here are some “before” photos. It was made by Duluth Trunk Co. which opened in 1890.

Garden Show

This had lots of potential but the reality was, sadly, quite frustrating. It was insanely crowded. We arrived exhausted from the long, hot train ride, then battled the crowds to purchase sun hats and find our picnic basket. We recovered a bit after our riverside feast and decided to explore Hampton Court Palace rather than continue w the garden show. CJ and David enjoyed some educational talks and demos while we admired then Tudor kitchens and learned more about the dark history of the palace.


On a day trip from London to basingstoke, we visited the site of Jane’s childhood home in Stephenton, and on to Chawton, where she lived with her mother and sister on her brother’s Estate, plus lots of other Austen locations of interest.