Boulevard garden

Finally replaced the giant elm that the city removed last year. The ginkgo is looking good, and we’ve covered the huge dirt patch. Rabbits ate my dwarf dogwood so we had to add some fencing. I hope we’re done with it for a while!

Finch egg

One of our zebra finches (Indie and Aussie) laid an egg! Both are female, so no future chicks, and we removed the egg from the feeding box as instructed by the Finch Forum Folk. Isn’t that egg adorable!

Lily wants us to get some fakes for the ladies to care for, and we might give that a try. The forum says it might cause the birds to fight.

The Easter …turkey?

We haven’t seen the neighborhood turkey since last fall, but this morning there were tracks through our yard. A neighbor texted to say that the turkey was at our front door a few minutes ago, but by the time I checked it was across the street.

Aqua Girl

Lily put together her own costume for CVA spirit week Super Hero Day, including a pair of my old boots, which she wore all day. Impressive! I guess warm blood is her other super power. She’s like Elsa… “the cold never bothered her anyway”

Kitchen demo day

We set up a temporary kitchen in the living room and will have access to the refrigerator, so we should be able to live here through most of the process. Our neighbors have been great, inviting us over for dinner and offering use of their kitchens. 

  This is the ironing board cabinet which was behind the refrigerator! We’re going to modify it to use for coats and shoes. All the original cabinets the the new counter tops were removed in good condition to be reused in our basement! There were 3 layers of flooring. The original was a pretty linoleum, which I would have loved to keep if it had been in good condition.