The Castles of Outlander

Outlander is a series of Historical Fiction/ Fantasy novels by Diana Gabaldon, which was introduced to me in 1996 by Sandy Katz, a teacher colleague from Poquoson HS in Virginia. I remember that she gave me the first book on a Friday and on the following Monday morning she had the second book waiting for me because she knew I would need it! I was immediately hooked, and from then on waited eagerly for each new book in the never-ending series. Way before the TV show all we had was the Outlandish Companion and Fan Conventions to sustain us between books. I even bought my first graphic novel and had it autographed by DG at a Fan Convention. I have never cosplayed Outlander like many fans do, but I do own a coat that I consider Outlander style, and I wore it to the standing stones in Sweden

for a bit of fun. So for me the highlight of the Edinburgh trip was the day trip to see several sites used in the filming of the TV show. It was everything I’d hoped it would be and I now aspire to the week-long version all across Scotland someday…

Lallybroch, Culross and Blackness

We were super lucky to see Lallybroch (Midhope) as it is currently filming and was scheduled to be closed to the public. But we were able to see it from the outside. It is the Fraser family home in the TV series.

BLACKNESS CASTLE, lower center: a bathroom fit for royalty. It was heated and well equipped
BLACKNESS CASTLE, Wentworth Prison
“The ship that never sailed” built on the south side of the Firth of Forth in the 15th century, on ruins of a 1440 fortress
Linlithgow’s wall listing rulers of the United Kingdom, with memorials to 2nd Queen Elizabeth
Statue of Mary Queen of Scots born here 1542- The Royal House of Stuart LINLITHGOW PALACE

Lunch break was in Linlithgow and there was no guided tour since it’s under renovation due to falling rock. I had lamb shepherd pie for lunch with root veg soup. Both were delish.

The gardens on this hillside behind the palace were used in the Cranesmuir garden scenes
The hanging gardens of Culross used as Geillis Duncan’s Garden
LEOCH and LALLYBROCH – Bridge over the River Teith

Hard to believe we saw all this in one day! And the rain held off until the very last site. We didn’t get to walk along the river Teith, but the views were stunning even in the rain.

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