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Twin Cities Theater Camp 2022 plus

Now that we are back in Sweden I’m making time to elaborate on the TCTC experience which has been a focal point of our last 5 summers. It’s been a joy to see how much the kids grow in their performance skills, leadership qualities, and so many ways. This year was special because it was the last for lil’s age group and also the world premiere of a new musical for which they will always be part of the Original Cast! Because it’s brand new we couldn’t take photos and recordings of The Logic Pit but here are a few from before and after the show. We’re all very proud and impressed at how hard our kid worked on this production, singing and dancing while wearing a mask all day and making constant improvements, a high energy endeavor! She was willing to take big risks, push herself to find new abilities and build on her strengths! That hard work paid off in a big way. It was another extraordinary production for lil and the entire group. Many of our friends and family were there to support lil and co. and for those who couldn’t be with us we hope we’ll be able to share it soon!

It was awfully hard to say goodbye to camp friends and staff. The cast pool party was a nice way to spend a bit of down time together. There were lots of tears as the graduates said farewell to TCTC with the mix of sadness and excitement that growing up brings. How can it be that our baby is starting high school?

There will be more on The Logic Pit once they give us access to the professional photos and I can post a link to the show when that happens.


Here we are at the Anderson’s new place in SP where they hosted a BBQ. It was very nice to catch up with everyone and the good weather held for most of the evening. We played a fun music trivia game which was well -fought by most of the gang, even the youngsters, and though we didn’t keep score I think everyone would agree that Allison is the reigning Queen of Rock. It was nice having my brother’s family in the neighborhood. They have an awesome location near lots of great places where we have fond memories.



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