20th Anniversary!

For the second time, Bryant and I acknowledged our big day in different time zones. But happily we already made plans to celebrate with a food tour in Italy next April. Not a bad compromise since the timing just didn’t work to do anything big this summer.

The Noicelings are both growing up so quickly that we want to prioritize their educational opportunities and Bryant’s summer vacation time is limited. Too much to get done during those weeks.

Theater Camp is rolling along full speed and the 8th graders seem to be having a blast. We had a relaxing July 4 staycation with SoZo and had the pool to ourselves.

Back in Sweden, someone finally got her braces off!

She’s busy with the summer requirements for the International Baccalaureate program. In Saint Paul, we’ve enjoyed catching up with the cousins and cat sitting for them. Juno and Sugar kept us entertained.

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