Bjärred: Skåneleden trail

Both kids have lots of activities now so it’s hard to travel on the weekends. Luckily we are still finding new places close to home. I convinced the fam to try another section of the Skåneleden trail, the same one I hiked while they were camping. The giant beech tree near the Saltsjöbads (salt lake bath) helped get them excited about the adventure, and they also explored the playground. Climbing stuff is fun! And they tested their balancing skills on a few interesting play structures.

L is very much going to enjoy the Cold Bath House, though she wasn’t up for a spontaneous visit. This one has a sauna and hot tub, plus a nice restaurant. It’s quite a long pier- 600 meters. This apple tree looked out of place growing right by the beach.

We tried to get out as much as possible this weekend to enjoy the lovely weather. I’ve been trying to photograph the sunflowers on a sunny day and finally managed at least a bit of sun! The city of Lund plants some areas of land with sunflowers or fruit trees, berries, grapes and such for residents to gather. This field is down by the highway.

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