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Kulturnatten i Lund

Many parts of Scandinavia have an autumn arts festival this weekend…why don’t they stagger these!? Lund also participates in the tradition, and this year things were close to normal, with free museums and galleries, concerts, food trucks and street fair events. The weather wasn’t great for it but the rain stopped, so it wasn’t unpleasant walking around town. There were so many events going on at the same time that it was really hard to decide which ones to try!

The medieval Krognos House, oldest secular building, was open, as was the Lund Konsthall art exhibit. It was fun to get a new perspective on these places that I’ve walked past nearly every day.

We toured the cathedral, a totally different experience after dark! The kids joined us for the crypt where the legend of Fin the Giant and his wife was retold, and to see the astronomical clock again, though we still didn’t get to see its big display of sword fight and organ music. They remarked that it smells like pysanky, so I guess the Domkyrka must use a very large quantity of bees wax candles. Hopefully we can visit for a guided tour at some point. Below you can see Finn (probably Samson) and the giant’s wife (no one knows what was really going on in this column detail of the “wife”)

Lots of good music and food… a fun evening. But we tired out before getting over to the science museum for the English language sessions. I’d hoped to go to the one on astronomy. Also missed a tour of the oldest cemetery due to rain. There was a series of TED style talks that looked intriguing. And a tour of the sustainable housing development on the north side of Lund, which, along with the train platforms will be heated by excess/ recycled heat generated by ESS.

Tram platform at Clemmenstorget, the main square in Lund, and the horoscope section of the clock. You can look up your name day if you zoom in! The current “perpetual calendar” runs until 2123. There was so much we didn’t get to do! But I guess we’ll have to wait for next year’s Culture Night.






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