Flowering Raps Fields

The countryside is gorgeous right now, with bright yellow rapeseed in bloom. I didn’t know until recently that raps oil, which is very popular in Sweden, is just canola oil!

The best views seem to be in places that are difficult to access from the highways along the coast, but even around Lund there are some impressive vistas.

American friend, Brandie, and I stopped by an orchard to try traditional äggakaka, a sweet and savory egg bake with bacon and apple. She says sometimes it’s more like a baked pancake, but I didn’t like this version much because it was a sweet quiche. “Lemonade” means juice, and grape lemonade is grapefruit flavored juice.

The photos above are from Råby, just to the east of Lund, bird sanctuary in the foreground.

Brandie and I explored up the coast a bit to a town called Barsebäck and found some places to revisit. Most of the villages are very seasonal. Only open in summer, so I might miss them entirely this year since we’ll be back in MN by then!

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