Summer is over

A cool, rainy day in the middle of August brought Swedish summer to a close. Bryant says his coworkers are adamant that the change of seasons has occurred (goodbye sun, summer is gone, it is over) and they’ve returned to the office in spite of WFH. When the building reaches covid-19 capacity, announcements are made to peer pressure folks into returning home.

Swedes still flock to the parks and outdoor spaces, though. The only time the park facilities are sparsely populated is early in the morning. Today we biked to the outdoor gym/ beach at City Park for a workout. Normally students dominate all the amenities. The beach is full of sunbathers and volley ball players, but this morning it was nearly empty.

No one at the skate park, climbing wall, beach or the gym, just some dog walkers, joggers and commuters passing by.

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