Sustainable City

Hyllie has a sustainable city museum/ education center. I bet it’s only open during the school year, because every time I walk by, it seems to be closed. Swedish workers are entitled to 4 consecutive weeks of paid vacation which must be taken in June, July, or August. So lots of things are closed in summer.

Today the preschoolers were out in droves to play in the waterpark. The toddlers were so adorable! I felt nostalgic for the days when my girls would have loved that experience.

The 4 weeks of vacation is extra challenging this year with healthcare workers in such high demand. That is a legit problem to solve, but there is quite a bit of misinformation going around. I saw this in the NYTimes yesterday and it is inaccurate.

…Starting June 27, Swedes from at least 3 regions, including Skåne, are allowed to travel to Denmark, and negotiations continue with Norway. 🤞🏼

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