Exploring Malmö


Here’s a recording made at Vintrie- Bunkeflo cemetery. The birds were very vocal this morning!

The following are from Malmö central where Bryant and I had dinner while Lily had TCTC classes and Hillary stayed home with her.

And a few pictures from another walk near the castle, this time more in the kitchen/ perennial gardens. I can hear the pheasants in the fields near Hyllie but it was fun to finally see some!

Red arrow is our apartment complex. We saw 4 of the baby birds marching around the cobbled streets near the castle moat/ canals. They look like the cygnets we saw the other day, but we’re not sure. I wanted to rescue them but a local man said not to worry, they manage. I think he meant “circle of life”, because the one in the photo was several blocks away, all on his own 😢 peeping pitifully.

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