This means “Saturday Goodies” – when families load up on sugary treats and stay home to watch a movie. They have entire stores full of candy bins to purchase by the scoop. So far we haven’t liked most of the candy we tried. The chocolate is ok but most stuff is too sweet. Even the familiar brands aren’t the same. The chocolate covered salted licorice recommended by the clerk was horrible! They seem to like salted caramel, which is better than licorice but still not so good. Today I found a store with British sweets and so far these are more appealing to my palate.

One thought on “Lördagsgodis

  1. Is there a gummy candy like Swedish Fish (made in Canada) that is truly Swedish and yummy for movie watching? And, what’s the popcorn trend? Do they butter, sprinkle cheese flavor, caramel it up?

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