The Mall

We browsed the local mall again today and saw these two shops with odd sounding English translations.

Needy stuff only!… whaaat?

And then this place with soft serve ice cream. Is that an American thing? I guess Dairy Queen might have pioneered that style.

It says American Spin Cream – the kids were embarrassed at my taking photos so I had to get it from a distance!

Side note, I’ve only seen two people wearing masks since we left the airport. Funny how quickly we adjusted to the idea of wearing them. Now it seems wrong to be going in public without them. But if we are the only ones wearing them is it worth the bother? The kids rebelled and I relented fairly quickly. It was drawing unwanted attention to us. We agreed to carry them to put on in any indoor place with more than a few people. And we have to carry our own sanitizer and wipes with us because stores don’t provide them. But there are plenty available to buy in the grocery store near us.

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