Day 26

Wait. Really? 26 days? Wow. When you start actually working, and get pulled into work in a big way, and you realize that you just closed out week 3 on the job, time flies.

So, Lördag. You already saw the bit about the farmer’s flea market. On Friday, I went in to the office (which was empty, so good social distancing). I got a flat tire on my ride in. There is a stretch of dirt road between the train station and the office. I think I hit a big rock and got a snake bite puncture. Anyway. Limped the rest of the way into the office, and getting home that afternoon. So, today I thought I would fix the flat. So, after a coffee and some pastries, I found a lovely bike shop that happens to also be an official Brompton dealer. I chatted a while, and then went home with my patch kit. I had heard that the Brommy rear wheel was very tricky, so I thought I would just patch it with the tube pulled out of the tire. Pretty standard fare. Anyway, totally failed. Either the rubber cement didn’t vulcanize the tube/patch well, or persistent user error resulted in me using basically all the patches in the kit and still heading out to buy a new tube in disgust. Evidence of incompetence here, FFS:

I was so irritated at the tube (and me) that I decided to take the train to Helsingborg to check it out. I have some meetings at an Ikea office up there next week and figured I should find my way first. You can see where it is here (blue dot is me in Lund, obvi)

It’s about a 35 min train ride thru landscape that could be right out of southern Minnesota … Anyway, I walked around and found Helsingborg to be a delightful city. You can see in some of the pics the Öresund strait, with Denmark on the other side. Helsingor on the Danish side and Helsingborg on the Swedish side used to be one Danish city. Then the Swedes finally kicked the Danes out for good in the 1600s and took this little gem of a city with it’s super-useful place controlling access to the Baltic Sea.

We will be back here, even if only to eat at the many restaurants. Including this gem that looked closed for good. Speaking of racist business signs, I see a lot of them and might have to do a full post just on them!

Speaking of food, I stopped by the store on my way home and saw that this is how you buy mushrooms in Coop. 😳 Paging Kristina Howland!

And finally, after a week of sitting on my butt working, I got in a lot of steps …

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