Day 12 – Söndag

Sunday is laundry day.

After laundry I went for a walk. It’s clear and nice again. Kind of chilly, but a small trade-off for no rain. I snooped around the neighborhoods of houses that I’m interested in renting (house 1 and house 2). Pretty nice.

I also did some grocery shopping at a different store. I have been going to the Coop in Mårtenstorget but this time I tried the Hemköp (pronounced “hem-shurp”) on Södra Vägen. They both are smaller than a full-size American grocery store (a la Safeway, Cub, or Kroger), and more like the size of a Whole Foods or a Lunds, maybe a wee-bit smaller. Coop is more like a Whole Foods. A little higher-end and nicer interior. Hemköp is more like a Cub – a little more no-frills and industrial. Another difference is that the Coop has toilet paper, and Hemköp, well, here’s what that section looked like:

This is the first time I’d seen that here, although, I’ve been shopping at Coop.

Fun aside, the Swedish word köp (again, pronounced “shurp”) has a shared ancestor with the English word “shop”, but means to “purchase” as opposed to “browse”.

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