Day 7

So, wow, day 2 at work went by fast! Clearly, because I didn’t post Day 7 on Day 7 … What did I get done today …?

I got a Swedish phone number from work (and I’m just fine letting them pay for it). I switched my US number to the T-Mobile Digits “virtual” app. Not quite as free as Google Voice, but I was able to do it in Sweden since I was already on the T-mobile network. Then I just swapped SIM cards and BOOM – Swedish phone number (and, more importantly, full local 4G data plan!).

I also got my Mastercard from the bank, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to activate it. So, I need to go into a branch. Except that they are only open from 10am-1pm, and I have meetings over that slot for the rest of the week! “Bankers hours” for sure!

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