Surprisingly hard adjustment …

As I mentioned earlier, I have my work computer in hand and have been working a little bit on it. Which. Is. Killing. Me. And I want to tell you all why. Full disclosure – there’s a lot of whining ahead. My work computer came with a Swedish keyboard. Even though all the work is done in English, it’s got a Swedish keyboard. And, after almost 30 years of regular typing, it turns out that muscle memory is a hard thing to change. Specifically 3 main areas:

The top keyboard (annotated in yellow) is my work computer (Swedish). The bottom (annotated in red) is my personal one (US).

  1. The shift key is half the size on the left side – the only side I use. So, basically every time I’ve gone to capitalize something, I’ve typed a < or > instead.
  2. The dash and question mark keys are reversed. WTF for?
  3. The return key is vertical instead of horizontal. So, yes, just about every time I go to type a return, I get an apostrophe instead.

These variations have had a HUGE impact on my ability to communicate. For somebody who types 40-50 WPM, that’s a LOT of extra re-work. That sounds dramatic, I know. But for everybody that relies on writing for a living, you know this is a huge PITA.

Anyway, this is surprisingly challenging, and might be second only to language in terms of barriers to feeling “normal”. And, yes, I’d love some cheese with my whine. ūüėČ

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