Day 0

I (Bryant) traveled to Lund to start work ahead of the family. I arrived on March 10, so I’m calling that “day 0”. Flights weren’t too bad, but I didn’t sleep as much on the first leg as I hoped to.

I had brought a really big suitcase and my Brompton in a travel case. Both were heavy and unwieldy to lug to the train, but generally, it was not bad. The train station at Kastrup is basically right out the door from baggage-claim! I got an Öresundståg direct from Kastrup to Lund, and then Uber’d from the train station to the hotel. All in all, not so bad.

I spent some time walking around the town after dropping my stuff at the hotel to try and not sleep (to reset my body to the local time). Very cool little city, even if it was a little rainy. I bought a coffee and the Saluhall and some groceries at the Coop. That’s all the cultural normalization that I got today!

After eating my food, I watched a little Swedish TV in the hotel – which seems to be mostly British and American shows with subtitles. And a couple of Swedish channels. But I fell asleep by 8!

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