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I’ve had an itch in my brain for a long time. I’ve done a ridiculous amount of surfing on camping trailers, chuck boxes, overlanding, etc. So I decided to do something.

First thing I did was pick up a Space Trailer (shout-out Todd!). In case you don’t know, Space trailers are very nice, made in the US, and are all the things you’re thinking about when you buy a cheap Harbor Freight trailer, but don’t get.

Second thing I did was to build a camp kitchen to put in it. Here’s some snaps of the process. It was built entirely of scrap and re-purposed materials that I had lying around. Maybe I have too much (s)crap lying around … ? The design objectives were to be able to run a 2-burner camp stove and a propane grill off of a 20lb propane canister with some extra storage for camp gear. I did little drawing, but mostly designed as I went, with the inevitable re-work on some technical debt taken along the way.

Basic layout
I built a swing-out counter that covers the stoves when packed up.
Here’s a close-up of the hose routing and the threaded rod that I used as a pivot for the countertop.
This is the fully deployed config. There’s a strut on the left, and the counter swings out to make a 90* counter with the stove/grill open. I have lit it up and it works great!

Now I just have to take it camping!

3 thoughts on “Trailer Camping Kitchen

    1. I love this! I’ve got a space trailer too. I have been trying to think of a good slide out camp kitchen design. My challenge is that I have a RTT on top of my space. So I have to unpack everything before I can setup camp then put the tail gate up ( because its really heavy to lift) so I lose all that storage during my base camp. Looks really good! I would love to see more detailed pictures of the rail system too!

      1. Hi Greg,

        Thanks! There’s no rails – I just mounted some casters at the back of the box. It rolls out easy and has a brace at the front. It’s tricky with an RTT. The drawer would need to fit under the cover – only about 13” tall. Have you looked at those whole-bed truck trays? That wild let you pull the full volume out the back.


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