More Motorcycle Nostalgia

As I mentioned elsewhere, I have a pretty long history with motorcycles. Well, I found some old snaps of the ’89 FZR400 that I thought I’d share.

Here’s the trimmed rear with the then-sweet Deltabox swingarm and the track rear sprocket:


And here is a little more of the rear of the bike. Ohlins rear shock, hacked-together bracket for taillights.

A shot of the main frame with the FRZ600 motor crammed into the 400 frame. It was bored out a little with a Wiseco piston kit, jet kit, and pipe. Made around 90hp, which was pretty boss in those days.

Here’s the dash. Tack front and center with a Sigma cyclocomputer for the speedo. Custom head light bracket. I was doing streetfighter before there was streetfighter.

All in all, it was a 380lb bike with almost 90hp. It went like stink, went around corners like a champ, and buzzed the life right out of your arms and shoulders. It’s a wonder that I rode from Denver, over Berthoud Pass, and back in one day on that little beast.

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