Finally Fat

So, I finally bought a fat bike.  I picked up a Framed MN 1.0 with the extra wheelset.  So far, I’ve ridden it around the park and the yard, and had a blast!  Since I’m expecting to do winter commuting on this bike, I also picked-up a Planet Bike Versa-rack   It does fit, at full leg extension, but the block that holds the front stays barely clears the top of the tire – as in less than 1cm …  I also have some SKS Grand DAD/MOM fenders on order.  I am SURE that the rear fender will have issues.  I may have to choose between fenders and rack (unless I want to do something custom for a fender, based around the rack).  Given that I ride the bike so that it carries things (as opposed to me carrying them), I think the rack will stay – assuming that the close point on the tire doesn’t accummulate snow.

I got the MN1 because I actually prefer a 1x drivetrain.  The only other parts spec that is under what I’d prefer are the brakes – they are BB5s.  So far, I think they will be fine.  But, being the parts hoarder that I am, I actually have a pair of BB7 calipers sitting in the parts drawer, so I can easily mount them up and have a cheap (for me) upgrade.  I think the tires are also kind of a low-budget thing, but I think I’m going to go the winter and see how it is before I make any changes.

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