North Shore Adventures

We went up nort’ to have some fun for 4th of July.  Hillary and I did a wood-fired oven baking class at the North Woods Folk House.

IMG 1113


IMG 1109


IMG 1112

We made 2 types of bread (flat bread, and focaccia) but I guess I didn’t get the camera out when we were working on the focaccia.

IMG 1115

Hillary enjoyed playing the role of a 10 year old (the class was for ages 10 and up and she’s only 9) as much as she enjoyed the baking 🙂

It was really fun, and we hope to take more classes in the future. I’d like to take a birch bark or willow workshop and Bryant wants to do their canoe building course! The campus is beautiful and very inspiring. Lily and Bryant hiked around Grand Marais while Hillary and I were baking.

IMG 2094

IMG 2119

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