Isle Royale

While at the North shore, we took the ferry from Grand Portage for a day trip to Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

It was rainy and cold on the way over and back. I swear the rain was beginning to turn to ice. And there was not room for everyone to sit, so it was a long, miserable boat ride. And the lightening was way too close for comfort! But the Island is fantastic, and under the right circumstances, I would have really enjoyed it. Afterwards, there was no place to change to dry clothes and when asked where she’d like to stop, Lily said, “The Mad Salmon” by which she meant Angry Trout Cafe, our favorite restaurant in Grand Marais! So we had a nice meal to recover our good spirits.

IMG 2194

The island is very lush and green and reminded me of the northwest coast. We didn’t see wolves or moose, but then Lily and I spent most of the day in the interpretive center. She couldn’t handle hiking after the long boat ride. We did see lots of interesting flora, many varieties of fern and orchid.

IMG 2156

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