Habanero Woes!

After 2 1/2 years of grooving on the Habanero Ti ‘Cross frame, I got a crack! I don’t race ‘cross, or take it on single-track, so I don’t think it’s abuse. I know everybody says JRA (just riding along), but really, this isn’t me! Here’s the pics. You can tell me in the comments if you think this is my fault. 😉 I’ve got a note in to Habanero to see what the warrantee situation looks like.

UPDATE: Habanero is covering it under warrantee and shipping me a new frame! Woohoo! That’s customer service!





2 thoughts on “Habanero Woes!

  1. Gosh! I was just starting to get serious about ordering one of their frames, please let us know how it goes – that will factor greatly into my decision.


    1. So far the warrantee discussion has gone very smoothly. I contacted Mark and sent him the pics. He instructed me to strip the frame and ship it back. Which I did. Now we’ll see what happens next!

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