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The seat pan went to the upholsterer and the tank went to the painter today. Both are thinking around 3 weeks. The triples and the frame were faster than estimated, so maybe these will miraculously happen sooner. Not betting on it. I’m trying hard to use local, independent vendors for this work, and have been pretty happy so far. Only the triples got sent off (and that too was a small independent).

I spent time tonight monkey-ing around with the electrics. I know that I want a sleeker, sucked-up battery and electrics box. Noodling about options. I have the control pods on the bike, throttle hooked up, and a few other little things (like a fully functional rear brake). I’m staring at the mass of wires at the front-end and am despairing about how ugly it is. I’m starting to get to know this picture all too well:

Honda CB750C Dual Cam Wiring Diagram

Here are some more pics of the bike in its current state:

2013 03 29 19 10 01

Fun fact, with just a little drilling, I got the old ignition switch to fit right in the hole on the new triples:

2013 03 29 19 10 30

I also am thinking about the rear fender. I haven’t even started thinking about a front. I’m thinking that I’m just going to hack-off the original fender to make it snug-up to the frame. See the red line here:

2013 03 29 19 40 36

Reference bikes here and here.

Lots still to do …

Session time: 2 hrs. Total time: 25 hrs.

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