Bonanza Day!

Between grandparents here and other things, I managed to sneak in a solid 7 hrs of work on the bike (thanks Jen!).

I did a bunch of cleaning-up of the motor on the floor. Not jewel-like, but good enough.

I got the motor back in with the same lay-it-on-the-right-side trick.

2013 03 24 13 18 28

Then my neighbor came over and I used him to help me get the front and rear-ends put back together. Just for fun, I put the tank on. OMFG. That is a sweet looking machine. The front-end is a LOT lower than I was expecting, but it’s a lot closer to the stance I wanted out of it. It’s starting to look like a real bike. Of course, I had to take the tank off, because I have to sort through all the electrics, etc. Still lots to do, but looking pretty nice.

2013 03 24 15 14 44

2013 03 24 15 22 52

SEssion time: 7 hrs. Total time: 21 hrs.

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