Research …

I’ve now looked at every bike in the BikeEXIF archives. It was in the pursuit of a color scheme for the bike. But really, it’s just colossally absorbing bike porn. I also scoured Pipeburn and countless other sites in the name of “research”. That doesn’t include the eBay work to find some parts (which aren’t complete yet). I’m not counting these hours in the project because they aren’t conspicuously in the garage.

Speaking of being in the garage, it’s mid-March and won’t see the top side of 30F all this coming week. WTH! Why do I live here?

I did a little puttering over the last few days that I haven’t accounted for. Cleaned-up the air box and put new boots on it. Tidied up the shop area. Swapped the old controls on to the new clip-ons (since they will plug right in to the old wiring harness). I got some parts cleaner and have been soaking all the small parts. Also, had to take the frame to the powered coaters (which was conspicuous time spent on the CB). Oh, and I drained the tank, getting ready to take it to the body shop.

Session time: 3 hrs Total Time: 12 hrs

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